Support Services

Cost-Effective Alternatives to Truck Ownership

Support Services

Cost-Effective Alternatives to Truck Ownership

Idealease support Services In British Columbia Full Service Leasing Is the Transportation Solution You Cannot Afford to Ignore...

Commercial truck ownership is getting more challenging and costly to manage every day. For most well-run businesses, leasing is a superior financial and operational alternative. Idealease offers a variety of comprehensive support services that allow you to manage your business more effectively and hassle-free than ever before.

Full-Service Leasing

Get the vehicle specs you need, predictable costs for all vehicle maintenance, Priority Service, and 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

Ownership Transition

Unlock the equity that is tied up in your truck fleet and put cash back in your business. Learn the true cost of truck ownership versus the advantages of a fleet buyout and a Full Service Lease.

Truck & Trailer Rentals

Late model sleepers, day cabs, flat beds, box trucks, refrigerated vehicles, trailers and more-available for rent by the day, week or months at a time.

National Accounts

Commercial Truck Fleet Management Services for Large and Mid-Sized Commercial Truck Fleets Need to simplify management, improve vehicle uptime and reduce costs for your large or mid-sized fleet?

Large national and mid-sized regional fleets turn to Idealease for integrated fleet transportation solutions that help you improve the service you provide to your customers. With our National Accounts program, all Idealease locations work together as ONE to support and maintain your fleet-so you simplify commercial truck fleet management, improve vehicle uptime, and reduce fuel costs and driver downtime across all your locations. Idealease comprehensive National Account services can benefit fleets of all sizes.

Simplify Fleet Management & Reduce Cost:

  • Consistent, competitive pricing and specification for vehicles
  • Improved vehicle uptime allows you to run your fleet more efficiently with fewer vehicles
  • Convenient, expert service
  • Access to fleet data available using the online portal.

Ease of Doing Business:

  • One Master Agreement governs our commitments to you at every Idealease location.
  • Personalized, dedicated support from experienced fleet management experts who coordinate responsive support for vehicles at all locations through Idealease headquarters.
  • Electronic consolidated monthly billing and expense tracking.
  • Customized reports for maintenance history, vehicle diagnostics and more.
  • Easy transfer ability of vehicles among Idealease servicing locations.

Expertise & Fleet Uptime:

  • Dedicated Maintenance program maximizes component life cycles, controls operating costs, and provides the highest level of reliability and fleet uptime.
  • Scheduled service evaluations of each location supporting your fleet to assure that issues or concerns are identified and addressed immediately.
  • Priority Service at Idealease locations and International® Truck dealerships.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Safety & Compliance services
  • Telematics Services allow you to monitor your fleet’s vehicle and driver performance.
  • Mobile Service is an option for onsite preventive maintenance services.

Mobile Service

Commercial Truck Mobile Service Is Downtime for Vehicle Service and Repairs Impacting the Service You Provide to Your Customers?

With Idealease Mobile Service you can schedule preventive maintenance when your vehicles are not operating – during off hours or on weekends – at your location. Our highly trained and skilled Mobile Service technicians can perform commercial truck maintenance at your location including:

  • Scheduled PM’s
  • Mobile quick checks
  • Oil, lube, cooling supply and DEF refilling
  • Air and power supply
  • Change belts, filters, wiper blades, bulbs, etc. with on hand parts inventory
  • Trailer connection testing (lights, signals)
  • Welding
  • Perform computer diagnostics
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  • Convenience – Schedule PM service where and when you need it. No shuttling drivers and less disruption to your business.
  • Service expertise – Professionally trained Idealease technicians perform your PM service.
  • Efficiency – Preventive maintenance and minor repairs found at time of PM are performed on site when trucks are naturally idle.
  • Reduced costs – save time and money not moving trucks to and from service locations.
  • Driver productivity – optimize drivers’ available hours of service.
  • Environmental responsibility – No-spill oil change system, green oil evacuation.
  • Increased uptime – Even better service for YOUR customers.

Please note, mobile service does not eliminate the need for trucks to come to the shop for major repairs, repairs requiring equipment and tools located at the shop, or repairs needed between PMs that do not down the truck for out-of-service violations. When our Mobile Service truck is not scheduled for customers’ PM services, it can be used to provide emergency breakdown service.


24/7 Roadside Assistance How Can You Keep Your Drivers and Their Vehicles Safe on the Road?

When a vehicle breakdown or other emergency happens, you can rely on Idealnet, the commercial truck industry’s premier 24/7 roadside assistance service from Idealease. One call to 1-800-IDLEASE, the Idealnet hotline, links you and your driver to our safety net of more than 430 Idealease and International® Truck dealership locations and 34,000 selected service providers across North America.

The Idealnet call centre is located at Idealease corporate headquarters and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our specially trained service coordinators answer every call live-no frustrating prompts or recordings. Our expert service coordinators are Idealease employees and they are equipped to handle any situation your driver may encounter including: full service roadside assistance, emergency fuel purchases, replacement/rental truck needs, towing, and lock-outs. Also, Idealnet partners with an industry leader to provide best-in-class service for special situations such as fuel or hazmat spill clean-up, and accident reporting.

Using the latest technology and communication systems, our service coordinators help your driver get to safety, locate the closest qualified service location, and get your truck back on the road as quickly as possible. Our Idealnet staff will stay on top of your repair issue from the first call until your truck is back on the road meeting your commitments to your customers.

Safety & Compliance Services

Do You Need Help Managing Your Fleet Safely?

Safety and compliance is critical to your business. It’s tough to stay on top of complex regulatory changes when you are focused on serving your customers and growing your business. Idealsafe safety and compliance programs can help. You can count on our responsive Idealsafe staff to provide expert assistance and programs that provide a higher level of compliance with state, provincial, and federal regulations.

Idealease can help you assess your current safety and risk management profile and recommend changes that strengthen your policies and practices. We provide the guidance and tools to develop sound risk management programs and loss prevention policies for all levels of your organization. Idealsafe safety and compliance training gives your employees the knowledge they need to operate your vehicles safely–which can lead to lower insurance costs.s

OnCommand® Connection

Are You Ready to Revolutionize Your Fleet Maintenance?OnCommand® Connection allows Idealease to view the status of your entire fleet so we can identify potential issues and proactively service your trucks.

With OnCommand® Connection and your truck’s In and Telematics ID, we can monitor your entire fleet in real time:

  • Get action plans for more than 18,000 engine and vehicle faults.
  • Diagnose your fleet while it’s on the road.
  • Prioritize needed repairs while avoiding unnecessary service visits.
  • Plot your vehicle’s location and find nearby dealers for service.

Our interactive mapping helps us quickly locate your vehicle and plan solutions if repairs are needed to keep your business moving forward. Additionally we can:

  • Filter information by vehicle type, fault code or time frame.
  • View active fault codes and health reports for specific vehicles.
  • Locate the dealership closest to your vehicle’s location.
  • “Favorite” certain vehicles to keep an extra-close eye on them.

Simplify your fleet’s vehicle maintenance and improve the uptime of your Idealease fleet with OnCommand® Connection. OnCommand® Connection is an included service at NO additional cost in a standard Full Service Lease & Rental from Dawson Idealease.

Get started today Discover a better alternative to truck ownership.

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